Company Profile

Company Profile

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LWP Engineering LTD is a company that has been working in the industry both in domestic and in the foreign market , ranging from the supply of spare parts to specialized consulting and engineering related to industrial processes .

The company was born from decades of experience in the construction of industrial springs and specialized spare parts for machinery of all kinds. This experience has led to the need and the demand by the industrial partners of specialized technical advice and design of interventions. To this we added the historical sector of the supply of spare parts to support the industry and design .

LWP provides decades of experience of its technicians to provide customers with a complete service starting from consulting, through the design and planning of interventions and, finally, the realization of the same.

The part of engineering design studies and produces machinery from scratch according to the client’s needs and intervenes on existing machines modified ( format changes , production changes ) or increasing productivity through interventions Upgrade.

To do this, we employ a number of designers and draftsmen who has been collaborating with the most important of the food and beverage industry . We also offer a complete service regarding textbook of new machinery or remittances according to the existing manual and safety certifications.